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Pack of 6 BUTTON TROUSER WAIST EXTENDERS Cotton Waistline Pants Extensions

Product is suitable for pregnant women!


Package includes 6 colors:
1 x Black
1 x Beige
1 x Grey
1 x Navy Blue
1 x Royal Blue
1 x Chocolate

• Increase the width of trousers by up to 5.5cm (2.25 ")

• Pack of 6 in assorted colours

• Cheaper than a new wardrobe

• Ideal for people whose weight fluctuates

• Suitable for men's and women's clothing

Ideal for maternity use Pack of 6 Button Trouser Extenders For Men And Women - Increases The Width of Jeans, Pants, Skirts By Up To 5.5cm (2.25 ")

These waistline extenders are ideal for improving the comfort of tight fitting trousers - and are far cheaper than a new wardrobe!
Designed for use with garments that have a button waist fastener, this pack of six waist extensions comes in assorted colours that will blend easily with most clothing.
Each strip serves as an extension panel and has two button holes allowing you to extend the waist fitting of any garment up to 5.5cm (2.25 ").
Colours: Beige; Grey; Black; Navy Blue; Chocolate and Royal Blue.

Made from 100% cotton and stitched around the perimeter.

Pack of 6. One of each colour per pack. Hand wash only in luke warm water.

- Each strip 7cm (2.75 ") wide and 3.5cm (1.25") high;
- Button diameter 15mm (9/16 ") wide;
- Button holes accept buttons up to 15mm (9/16 ") diameter.

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