Body Pillow Maternity Support Pillows

Maternity Pregnancy Support Body Pillow


This Body Pillow may help relieve:

•    Package includes a pillow.

•    Maternity discomforts

•    Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction

•    Back, neck and shoulder pain

•    Fibromyalgia, arthritis and osteoporosis pain

•    Post Operation Discomfort

•    Restless sleep


150 cm x 50 cm

5ft* /60" by 19"*

     This great product can be used during pregnancy and after pregnancy support can be user, maternity support or support for breastfeeding. This pillow body support is intended to give assistance between your knees and give your body a more neutral position when lying down. It can be used to support your back if you suffer from back pain. It molds to meet your body for optimal support and aid restful sleep. This is a great support during sleep for anyone who has problems, yet comfortable.



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